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TMN Simulation

Contact Details

TMN Simulation
Contact: Kenny Macleod
Address: PO Box 576, Carlton North Victoria 3054
Phone: +61 3 9005 7234


TMN Simulation supports the use of simulation in the work-place; We provide consultancy, build simulation models or distribute (and support) the software – usually a combination of the three. Our medium is computer-based 3D simulation, used for both analysis and training. We use and are the Australian & NZ distributors of:

  • Flexsim 3D Simulation software – a powerful simulation development platform that allows us to build anything from small processes to entire factories.
  • vsTASKER – a simulation gaming application, that allows “players” to experience situations in safety. Scenarios include safety awareness, medical situation training, and many others. Users can be tested on awareness and results tracked across time.

Overview of simulation Capabilities

  • Computer-based simulation helps businesses visualise and understand their processes and environment. Simulation is often used for hunting for bottlenecks, improving design, supporting major capital expense decisions, or simply presenting a proposal, with the aid of virtual reality. It’s also great for experimentation; if your idea goes wrong, you can hit the reset button and try something else.
  • Our software uses much the same technology as computer simulation games; where players manipulate their synthetic environment to see if they can make it better.
  • Our stuff is just a bit more serious and statistically robust.
  • As it’s a replication of reality, simulation techniques can be used virtually anywhere. However, we tend to do our best work in industries that move things, or people, around such as Logistics, Warehousing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Healthcare.


  • We are a boutique consultancy with international backing. This allows us the flexibility of direct interaction with the owners of the business, along with scalable modelling capabilities. We are supported by the Flexsim and vsTASKER development teams and distributor networks, which gives us direct access to the best modellers in the world.

Key Customers

Recent customers include: 

  • Sydney Ferries – we built a model of Sydney Harbour to allow them to model passenger activity and play with new routes. Data included all timetables, passenger demand and capabilities of each ferry. 
  • Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne – we built accurate 3D models (based on CAD floor plans) of both the old and new hospitals to allow RCH to plan how to migrate 150-200 patients to the new hospital within eight hours. The model covered 600 bed positions, 16 elevators and a total of 16 floors. 
  • Breast Screen Clinic, David Jones, Melbourne – we supported St Vincents use of Flexsim to plan how to lay out the new clinic. 
  • Manufacturing Focus, Adelaide, built factories. We have simulated two factories for them so far, and are now part of their development team, where we can be called in to simulate all or parts of a factory to help with its design. One project was to help understand how to optimise the processes, and the other simulation was to build a video of how a potential factory would work.
  • Key Partners

    • Flexsim Simulation Software, based in Utah, US – owners of Flexsim
    • Manufacturing Focus, based in Adelaide.
    • VirtualSim, based in Nice, France – developers of vsTASKER