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Studiocode Business Group

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Studiocode Business Group
Contact: Landell Archer
Phone: +61 2 9979 1700


The learning experience is enhanced with Studiocode by easily using video feedback and analysis on the performance of training exercises, serious games or simulations.

Services professionals including Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Police, Commandos, Anti-terrorist units and body guards are now regularly engaging in simulated scenarios to practice and train for critical situations.

Instructors are working to improve leadership, team safety, communication, decision making, stress management and so on…. they debrief the team on what went well and what needs improving.

Using Studiocode, the feedback/debriefing becomes more focused on the outcomes and is more engaging for all participants. 

The world’s top sports coaches don’t send their teams onto the sports field without a video review – it’s part of their preparation. For the armed services, it’s the same concept applied to a far more critical playing field.


Studiocode was developed from the sports industry, where we are recognised as number one in the world for sports performance analysis – now analyse the performance of personnel which is of critical importance.

Our experience shows that the key to maximising learning is in providing an effective after action review based on your expert analysis and fully engaging the learners in the debrief process.

Key Customers


  • Australian Institute for Medical Simulation & Innovation (AIMSI)
  • Royal North Shore Hospital
  • Duke University School of Medicine
  • Stanford University
  • Nottingham University
  • Imperial College London


  • Madigan Army Center (USA)
  • Cheshire Fire & Rescue
  • Metropolitan Police Firearms  (London)


  • New Zealand All Blacks
  • South African Springboks
  • Collingwood Football Club
  • Carlton Football Club
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Boston Celtics
  • Manchester United