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Contact Details

Simulinc Pty Ltd
Contact: Bryan A Wellington
Address: 91 Learmonth Drive, Kambah ACT 2902
Phone: +61 2 6296 3153


Consultancy and advice on Fight Synthetic Training Device (FSTD) standards, including:

  • Interpretation of published standards.
  • Review of standards aspects of an RFT, including review of responses to an RFT.
  • Attendance and provision of advice at meetings between the operator and the contractor, to discuss proposed attributes of an FSTD.
  • On-site inspection and assessment of compliance of an FSTD under construction.

Qualification (Accreditation) of an FSTD

  • Review and approval of the documentation associated with qualification (data package, Qualification Test Guide, requests for waivers).
  • On-site testing and assessment to determine the degree of compliance of an FSTD with the applicable standard.


  • Formal CASA-approved training in FSTD evaluation.  Graduates are recognised by CAA as competent to act as team leader for on-site FSTD testing and evaluation.
  • Ad hoc short on-site training sessions for operator staff nominated to assist with qualification testing, or for overseas manufacture’s staff who are not familiar with Australian requirements, interpretations or procedures.


Simulinc staff have experience with flight simulators and flight simulator standards going back over 30 years.  Staff have authored Australian simulator standards documents, served as delegates to the International Working Group which drafted the ICAO MCQFS and to the working group which formulated MOS 60.  We not only understand the latest publications from ICAO, Europe and the FAA, we understand the background and debates which shaped them.  Simulinc’s background experience makes it totally capable to inform and advise on simulator standards.

Simulinc staff are in current practice with both initial and recurrent evaluations with Level D Full Flight Simulators and with Flight Training Devices.  In the last 12 months we have conducted testing of two helicopter simulators, three helicopter FTDs, three four-engined turbo-prop aircraft simulators, a swept-wing twin-jet and two heavy aircraft simulators, one twin-jet and one four-jet.  We believe this level of recent experience and the variety of experience is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Simulinc has conducted Flight Simulator Evaluation Courses (normally two per year) since 1993.  The course has held CASA approval continuously since that year, with the most recent renewal of CASA approval being granted in 2010.  The course is held in high regard internationally and attracts students from Europe, Asia and North and South America, as well as the local Pacific region.

Key Customers

  • Australian Defence
  • Canadian Defence
  • Civil Aviation Authorities of:
    • Australia
    • NZ
    • Malaysia
    • PNG
    • Brazil
  • Boeing Australia
  • DSTO
  • CAE
  • Thales
  • Air NZ
  • VirginBlue
  • Austrian Airlines

Quality Approvals/Awards

  • Defence approved supplier
  • Boeing Australia approved supplier
  • Thales approved supplier