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Simulation Solutions Australia

Contact Details

Simulation Solutions Australia
Contact: John Mitchell
Address: 164 Ferguson Street, Williamstown Victoria 3101
Phone: +61 419 300 677
Fax: +61 3 9397 4277


SimSol is an Australian proprietary limited company with over twenty years of experience in software development, and the support of the VT MÄK’s suite of software products. SimSol is the VT-MÄK Engineering Partner for Australia/New Zealand.  SimSol has extensive expertise in the installation, integration, support and customization of the full suite of VT MÄK as well as the development of products that both interface and integrate with the VT MÄK suite of products.


SimSol was founded in 2009 to provide specialist support to the Modelling and Simulation market. As VT-MÄK does not have an operational establishment in Australia or Asia Pacific, SimSol, was set up with the intention of providing an operational capability for VT-MÄK in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

Key Customers

  • Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)
  • Royal Australian Navy (RAN)

Key Partners

  • VT MÄK
  • Modal Logic
  • DI-Guy
  • DiSTI
  • AGI
  • Scalable Network Technologies (SNT)
  • JRM Technologies
  • Autodesk
  • RTDynamics