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Simulation Modelling Services (SMS)

Contact Details

Simulation Modelling Services (SMS)
Contact: Lucas Stretton
Address: Level 2, 113-145 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW 2300
Phone: 02 4296 1500


SMS have been providing simulation modelling and decision support services to its clients, from a range of industries and countries for nearly 30 years. We are expert users of the Arena simulation package, building both strategic and operational simulation models. These models allow our clients to explore a range of capital investment options such as the design of new operations, major equipment upgrades, process improvement opportunities, asset consolidation and to experiment with day to day scheduling and rescheduling of operations.

Initially we will analyse data provided by our client to quantify current performance and identify existing constraints, opportunities and interactions in addition to those identified by the client. We take time to define the process being modelled in terms of the business rules that govern how decisions are made within the system. In our experience we find that this part of the project can add value as quite often there may be some unknowns which will result in the client developing a greater understanding of their system. This is particularly true when defining systems that are being modelled as part of greenfield projects. All models built by SMS are put through a rigorous verification and validation prior to experimentation to ensure that the model is behaving as intended and that it is an accurate representation of the real system.

As a part of our service, we not only help our clients understand the potential benefits likely to result from their investment, we also help them understand why certain investment options or operating strategies may not produce the expected result. In addition, we identify possible constraints that may arise under future operating conditions. This is enables us to suggest options to ease these unforeseen constraints which we can then test using the simulation model.


• Broadly, our industries of expertise include defence, mining, materials handling, logistics, rail, port operations, supply chain and manufacturing.
• SMS are expert users of the Arena Simulation package.
• SMS can draw on decades of experience and expertise from a range of industries and subjects.
• The consultants at SMS take the time to understand the needs of the client and the detail of their systems so that the most appropriate solution can be designed.
• We can draw on existing IP to reduce model development time.
• Access to additional resources and expertise through our exclusive relationship with Rockwell Automation.
• SMS is a founding member of the Worldwide Simulation Alliance.
• SMS are the experts that have trained the experts.

Key Customers

• SMS have been engaged for several projects within BHP Billiton, BMA, Rio Tinto and Anglo American.
• SMS have completed modelling work for the Australian Defence Force across a range of projects.
• Other clients include BHP South 32, the Hunter Valley Coal Chain Coordinator, Newcastle Port Corp., Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group, Gladstone Water, Kepco, Fortescue Metals Group, YanCoal, Port Kembla Coal Terminal, Kraft, James Hardie and Boyne Smelter.

Key Partners

• Rockwell Automation
• The Advitech Group