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Simulate - AIRLINE Online

Contact Details

Simulate - AIRLINE Online
Contact: David Pethick
Address: GPO Box 1361, Sydney NSW 2001
Phone: +61 3 9018 6747
Fax: +61 3 9923 6710


  • Provision of online educational business simulations set in the context of the aviation industry.
  • AIRLINE Online simulates the planning, establishment and operation of an airline, providing a fascinating and realistic model, highly engaging for participants.


  • The context of airline management provides a complex environment in which participants make collaborative decisions, analyse and interpret performance data and evaluate outcomes. It is the ultimate platform on which to develop strategic business skills.
  • AIRLINE Online has the flexibility to suit a wide range of audiences and learning objectives from High School to University to Industry Level.

Key Customers

  • Air New Zealand
  • Lufthansa
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Australian Maritime University
  • RMIT
  • Swinburne University
  • Sydney University
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Queensland
  • Auburn University
  • Coventry University
  • Embry Riddle University
  • Erfurt University
  • Ohio State University
  • Shoreline Community College
  • Camberwell Grammar School
  • Stomlo  High School
  • Maranatha Christian College

Key Partners

  • Efzed Pty Ltd – provides ongoing IT development support.