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SA Simulations

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SA Simulations
Contact: Andrew Stunell
Address: PO Box 1639, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
Phone: +61 7 3257 2377


FLEX-air is a PC-based simulator environment providing the ability to develop customized cockpits and systems for any aircraft, both commercial and military. Suitable for any situation involving:

  • Experimentation
  • Simulator development
  • Human interface development
  • JTAC training

Utilizing the world leading flight model provided by Laminar Research’s X-Plane, FLEX-air provides features not previously available in a desktop application:

DIS Networking

  • Standard PDUs supported
  • Connect to popular COTS federates
  • Server architecture enables 30 local FLEX-air clients
  • Multi-Crew support for WSO or AWACS simulation.


  • Cockpit
    • Fully customizable cockpit including MFDs and HUD
    • Sensors:
      • Infrared and Electro Optical Camera
      • Air and Ground RADAR
      • Mechanical or AESA RADAR
      • Synthetic Aperture RADAR
      • Tactical Datalink functionality available for approved customers
  • Weapons:
    • Fully customizable weapon and loadout system, allowing the user to define weapon sensor, propulsion, effects and detonation types
    • Weapon sensor types include:
      • Laser / GPS Guided
      • Active / Semi Active RADAR
      • IR
      • Air to Air and Air to Ground Launch Acceptability Region (LAR) support


  • RADAR Jamming
  • Network aware chaff and flares
  • UAV Support:
    • Use FLEX-air as a sensor package on any DIS federate
    • Use existing UAV interfaces to fly FLEX-air UAV aircraft
    • Use FLEX-air as a standalone UAV simulator
  • SDK for custom development of:
    • Radar Models
    • Weapon and guidance behavior
    • Cockpit instrumentation


All development is conducted in Australia. Utilizing rendering and game technology developed over a decade and utilized in a large number of commercial game applications. FLEX-air integrates with COTS flight simulator technology, providing world-leading flight model and global terrain capabilities. FLEX-air can be used out of the box, or as a development tool to develop specialized simulation solutions.

Key Customers

  • Boeing Defense Australia

Key Partners

  • Calytrix technologies: FLEX-air uses Calytrix Technologies’ CNR-Sim product for communications support. CNR-Sim is a cross-platform, multi-net software-only radio/intercom simulator for DIS.
  • TerraSim inc: We have partnered with TerraSim to provide terrain correlation for FLEX-air including sensor and visual databases. TerraTools is a widely used tool that supports terrain correlation and automatic feature generation for a wide variety of platforms from a many GIS sources.