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Real First Aid

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Real First Aid
Contact: Real First Aid
Address: Level 1, 3 Wellington St, St Kilda Victoria 3182
Phone: +61 3 9021 8156


A start up launched in 2014, Real First Aid (RFA) is revolutionising the way First Aid is taught through stressful real-life simulations tailored to specific environments.

RFA has created a unique methodology to provide nationally accredited First Aid Training through immersive simulations. Role-playing, moulage, pyrotechnics and sound is used to create a high fidelity environment for their students to train in. Rather than using simulations as a form of assessment, they are using them as a form of learning.

An example of a one of RFA simulations was on board the Sea Shepherd ship the Steve Irwin. An explosion of several barrels of aviation fuel was simulated through sound and pyrotechnics. On arrival, the participants found four victims with a variety of injuries ranging from an above knee amputation to abdominal and spinal injuries. The team were required to work together under difficult circumstances to formulate a plan, treat and evacuate the injured while rendering the scene safe.

RFA is capable of tailoring training for any client in any environment throughout Australia.


• Flexibility to meet the unique demands of different and evolving companies.
• Ongoing development of unique simulation equipment.

Key Customers

• Usually companies and organisations which have a higher risk and demand of a higher quality of training.