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Contact Details

Contact: Jeremy Pollard
Address: 50 Hewitt Ave, Rose Park SA 5067
Phone: +61 414 499 497
Fax: +61 8 8303 4366


VideoTrace – allows users with little or no 3D modelling training to interactively generate realistic 3D models of objects from live video — models that might be inserted into a simulation environment for Synthetic Training, Mission Rehearsal or After Action Review.

The user interacts with VideoTrace by tracing the shape of the object to be modelled over one or more frames of the video. By interpreting the outline sketch drawn by the user, a realistic 3D model is generated with true-to-life textures. Immediate feedback allows the user to model rapidly those parts of the scene which are of interest and to the level of detail required. The combination of automated and manual reconstruction allows VideoTrace to model parts of the scene not visible, and to succeed in cases where purely automated approaches would fail.


Unique benefits:

  • Quick and easy modelling of real environments
  • Turns traced outlines into realistic 3D models
  • No specialty modelling experience required
  • Rapid modelling of surveillance footage for Mission Rehearsal
  • Rapid digital recreation of recorded operations for AAR
  • Streamline and accelerate generation of digital environments for synthetic training in 3D engines

Key Customers

  • Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)

Key Partners

  • Virtual Simulation Systems (VSS) – developers of new and custom solutions to military and civilian simulation needs, and distributors of VideoTrace Military Edition (VT-ME), a specialised version of VideoTrace licensed and tailored for specific military needs.
  • Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT) – a University of Adelaide Research Centre focussing on computer vision, computer graphics and image processing.

Quality Approvals/Awards

  • Tech23 2010 Finalist
  • AIIA iAwards 2010 State Award Winner South Australia (R&D Category)
  • INNOVIC Next Big Thing Award 2009 – People’s Choice Winner