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N3V Games

Contact Details

N3V Games
Contact: Graham Edelsten
Address: 58 Kingston Drive, Helensvale QLD 4212
Phone: +61 7 5657 7141
Fax: +61 7 5657 7191


N3V Games’ Jet tm engine is a world simulator with strengths in the ability to deal with large scale 3D environments – from small, detailed sites to entire countries. 

N3V’s employees included programmers who are experienced in real-world simulation scenarios, 3D artists that can create detailed, true-to-life replicas of vehicles and other objects, as well as a quality assurance team with a keen eye for realism and usability.

Products: Simulation software; 3D models; world- and railroad building tools.

Instructional Systems Design: Trainz could be used to simulate and teach real-world train driving.


N3V Games is set apart from other providers in that the company came from game development roots rather than simulation. However, in writing games for the PC, N3V has developed a 3D game engine (Jet tm) that allows the creation of expansive worlds – which at this stage, has been successfully utilised in railroad simulation.

N3V Games is the developer of leading rail simulator, Trainz, and has been improving upon this product for over 10 years.  This technology can also be harnessed for a wide variety of training or educational programs and N3V Games can draw upon experience in game development to design compelling and realistic software products.