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Marathon Targets

Contact Details

Marathon Targets Pty Ltd
Contact: Marathon Targets Pty Ltd
Address: 82 Meeks Road, Marrickville NSW 2204


Marathon Targets supplies smart targets for live-fire moving marksmanship training. Key capabilities include:

Realistic and challenging
• Designed for live-fire
• Human-like in shape, size, motion, speed
• Target drops mannequin when shot
• Other targets respond by running for cover
• Multiple targets, single operator
• Fully autonomous operation
Low maintenance
• Minimum infrastructure, no rails or magnets
• Targets are fully armoured
Flexible usage
• Infinite number of training scenarios
• Indoor and outdoor, day and night, all weather


• World’s first robotic target system for live?fire training
• The only realistic moving targets for live?fire training

Key Customers

• A multi?target system has been in use with the Australian Defence Force (ADF)
since 2008. The ADF is more than doubling its number of smart targets by the end of
this year.
• Marathon fielded a multi?target system with the Canadian Forces in mid 2012.
• Smart targets passed all tests conducted by the US Marine Corps as part of a
Foreign Comparative Test program in June 2011.
• An IDIQ contract allows all US Services to buy smart targets for up to US$50M.

Quality Approvals/Awards

• Listed among the 2010 and 2011 Military Training Technology’s Top Simulation &
Training Companies
• Named Australia’s top technology start?up (Tech23)
• Australian Defence Recognised Supplier
• Member of the Australian Technology Showcase (ATS)