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ISD Analytics

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ISD Analytics
Contact: Don Perugini
Address: 27 Chesser Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: +61 8 8343 8455
Fax: +61 8 8260 8100


ISD provides forecasting software solutions that allow you to better understand, predict and influence human decision making of large groups or populations.

Underpinned by our award winning micro-simulation platform SimulAIt, our Behavioral Business Intelligence solutions enable you to model, test “what-if” scenarios, and accurately predict social behavior for both mass-consumer and internal organizational environments. Our solutions have been successfully utilized in:

  • Demand and sales forecasting
  • Water, energy and carbon demand forecasting and program evaluation
  • Retail product forecasting and pricing
  • Demand management and behavior change
  • Environmental policy and socio-economic analysis
  • Rebates and concessions analysis
  • Organizational analysis

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How are we different?

Business and policy problems are typically about people, whether you are looking at your customers or within your organization. The challenge is to better predict and understand what influences people – millions of people, with different characteristics and circumstances making different decisions in a constantly changing world. There are many factors that influence human decision making:

  • Social: demographics, psychology, market research, communications and perception
  • Economic: price, expendable income, discretionary and non-discretionary spending
  • Environmental/Engineering: products, efficiency, age, size, weather
  • Political: policies, regulations, constraints, legalities

Traditional forecasting approaches do not typically consider all of these factors, or are not suited to this complex human-centric problem:

  • Spreadsheets: a 2D tool to tackle a multi-dimensional problem.
  • Econometric only or mathematical models: limited in addressing non-linear, dynamic and human-centric problems; lack detail; and comprise unrealistic assumptions about human decision making.
  • Data mining and statistics: provide only part of the picture with “what people do”, but little insight into “why people do it”; and extrapolation of historical data is limited when the past is not always a good predictor of the future.

ISD’s Behavioral Business Intelligence solutions, powered by its award winning micro-simulation platform SimulAIt, considers all of the human decision making factors, and can manage the detail and complexity of the problem. This enables you to more accurately predict and explore options to influence decision making. SimulAIt is able to integrate a wide range of qualitative and quantitative social, economic, environmental and political data to create a simulation model of millions of people, and how they react and respond to different strategies, products, prices, policies, and competitive behavior.

SimulAIt forecasts have demonstrated accuracy of over 95%, and allow you to answer a broad range of questions, and isolate individual components within a campaign. Our solutions are complementary to your existing systems, models and data, and not a replacement. We utilize them to enable you to gain greater insight into the people that make the difference to achieving your business strategies and objectives.

Key Customers

Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment Environmental Protection Agency Sustainability Victoria Queensland Water Comission Melbourne Water Yarra Vallay Water City West Water Central Highlands Water Momentum Energy Department of Human Services SA Office of Water Department of Defence

Key Partners

ISD has effectively partnered with other organisations in past projects to provide sophisticated modelling and simulation capability and analysis.

Quality Approvals/Awards

SA Top 20 award CleverGreen finalist KPMG Cleantech excellence award SA iAwards (2008 and 2009) Water Industry Alliance Award