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Insight Acumen

Contact Details

Insight Acumen
Contact: Rob Brownie
Address: PO Box 200, CLONTARF BEACH QLD 4019
Phone: +61 418 891 747


Decision Support

Decision makers are often faced with making tough decisions in an environment of risk and uncertainty. Insight Acumen based out of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, has skills that may assist and support you make better informed decisions:

  • determine the problem space (i.e. bound the problem) and the solution space
  • determine the appropriate tool to solve the problem
  • work with domain subject matter experts to understand the key issues and components important to your system
  • data required in order to model the process, and at what stage the data would be required in the modelling process
  • assist understanding of complex systems and processes
  • increase knowledge of impacts of key levers in a system
  • quantify positive or negative impacts on key metrics
  • assist with streamlining existing processes by using system modelling
  • blue sky systems / processes – use Insight Acumen’s process modelling skills to build virtual models of new systems
  • use a range of techniques in order to attempt to solve problems with the right tool for the job
  • Results focus – Insight Acumen staff were previously employed for 25 years in the armed forces, Defence and aerospace industry positions

Operations Research

Operations research or management science describes the discipline of science and mathematics that uses computing methods such as statistics, mathematical modelling and algorithms to reach a preferred solution for a complex problem.  Insight Acumen can benefit your organisation by:

  • assisting with the understanding of complex processes
  • using the understanding to determine system behaviour and enhance system performance
  • testing alternate resource allocation strategies, where key resources may be people and machines
  • creating a model or models of the processes and activities important to your system
  • for even more information on operations research or management science, please visit INFORMS, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences

Modelling & Simulation

Processes, activities and processes are able to be modelled to produce a valid model of an existing system.

Some key points:

  • modelling and simulation is a key enabler of operations research
  • Insight Acumen uses COTS computer software such as ExtendSim, JMP*, MS Excel etc
  • many systems may be modelled using the discrete event modelling tool ExtendSim
  • use ExtendSim to construct a model of the key processes and activities in your system
  • use the model to simulate system operations over time and test real-world activities under different conditions
  • Insight Acumen has achieved status of Certified ExtendSim Consultant by developers of ExtendSim, Imagine That
  • As a Certified ExtendSim Consultant, Insight Acumen is one of a select group of leading business organisations chosen by ExtendSim developer Imagine That Inc in order to establish and grow targeted solution practices around the world.


Extensive experience in Defence, Aerospace & supporting Industry. A rare combination of ex-warfighter with an operations research, analytical modelling & simulation specialisation. One of only two entities in Australia that are Certified ExtendSim Consultants. Very small virtual footprint, responsive.

Key Customers

Client base does cover/can cover an extensive range of domains, including but not confined to aerospace, land, maritime, transport, training pipeline analysis, mining, infrastructure, banking, personnel management, human services.

Quality Approvals/Awards

  • Australian Defence DMOSS Standing Offer Panel member
  • Member Institute of Management Consultants
  • Certified ExtendSim Consultant