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Glenvern Associates

Contact Details

Glenvern Associates Pty Ltd
Contact: Alec Poulton
Address: PO Box 250, Kangaroo Ground Victoria 3097
Phone: +61 409 197 853


Glenvern Group specialises in Business Management & Improvement through Process Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation for most industries including Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Packaging, Automotive &  Materials Handling.


Glenpro: A unique Australian designed and developed Process Optimisation software which can be applied to any manufacturing process. Allows you to develop an understanding of the relationship between all Process Variables to develop optimal process control settings for a combination of highest quality, highest output and lowest cost outcomes.

Demo3D: Highly advanced physics based interactive Materials Handling emulation software. Create virtual 3D models.  ”You can build dynamic industrial simulation models to develop equipment layouts, visualize product flows, and understand overall system operation.” Ability to perform ‘offline’ PLC Controls Testing to reduce on-site PLC programming and PLC testing time, improve control system quality, accelerate ramp to full production, and reduce project costs. Virtual commissioning results in more robust control systems, and provides a safe testing environment.

Simul8: Licensed Distributor of the Simul8 software. High level system simulation software for modelling Process Flows, identifying Bottlenecks and improvement options.

Demo3D: we are a licensed distributor & consultant

Key Customers

The following are some of the industry sectors that have sourced Business Improvement, Process Simulation, process modelling & optimisation expertise from us.

Food And Beverage: Small, medium and Large Food and Beverage manufaturers and suppliers within Australia, South East Asia and the America’s.

Automotive: OEM and Tier One Automotive component suppliers.

Packaging: Variety of Packaging suppliers and manufacturers within Australia, South East Asia and the USA.

Plastics: Variety of Plastic product manufacturers and suppliers within Australia, South East Asia and the USA.

Key Partners

  • Glenvern USA
  • Emulate3D UK
  • Simul8 Corporation