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Contact Details

Contact: Anita Byrnes
Address: 3/83 Birriga Rd, Bellevue Hill NSW 2023
Phone: +61 2 9130 1448


Forum8 – VR-Design Studio is a 3D virtual reality modeling and visualization software platform, that may be used stand-alone or in conjunction with a drive simulator. It is most commonly used to simulate the built environment, in particular civil infrastructure, and to interact with such spaces in an immersive way, for purposes of community consultation, design collaboration, training and research. Latterly VR headsets offer new ways of interaction with the simulated environment.
Users can: manipulate dynamic 3D space; import and edit GIS and CAD data; build and texture block models; automatically build roads, tunnels & bridges; view multiple design alternatives in real-time, online and offline; as well as being able to visualise and edit intelligent vehicle and pedestrian traffic in ways previously not possible.
Forum8 markets the software, with training and support; and can also provide associated services.


  • 3D road and building (streetscape, cityscape or landscape) visualisation
    Traffic simulation with set parameters (e.g. traffic volume and signal phasing)
  • Driving simulation, including off-road
  • Create videos and export them as AVIs
  • Real time simulation of vehicle/human/animal/vegetation movement
  • Easily design and edit road and terrain
  • Incorporates Australian and NZ terrain in the package
  • Create virtual environments using a range of data (GIS – SHP file, LandXML and OSM, CAD data, 3DS and FBX, satellite image)
  • Environmental visualisation: time of day, weather and shadows
  • 3rd party software plug-ins
  • Customise with Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Evacuation and fire/smoke simulation/visualization
  • Supports VR headsets
  • Android or Windows client viewer


  • Forum8 software platform first developed in 2002 and enhanced continuously since
  • Software incorporates all tools and assets for developing 3D VR environments
  • Inhouse R&D focused on graphics technology and HMI; responsive to user requests
  • SDK permits easy development of new plugins
  • Low-cost viewers and apps, plus immersive VR headsets

Key Customers

(in every country of the world, for specific details please contact us)

  • Engineering design firms, civil construction contractors, traffic engineers
  • Local, State and Federal government
  • Universities, in both teaching and research
  • Automotive companies, including Toyota, Denso, Aisin, Alpine

Key Partners

Established in 1987 this award winning Japanese company has offices, partners and customers on every continent. Forum8 AU was founded in 2010 to develop the Australian business. See for details.

Quality Approvals/Awards

  • Japan Software Product of the Year 2002
  • Current ISO accreditations: 9001; 14001; 27001; 22301