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EWST Australia

Contact Details

EWST Australia Pty Ltd
Contact: Tony Allen
Address: 11 Bellevue Street / PO Box 1556, Nowra NSW 2541
Phone: +61 2 4422 8160
Fax: +61 2 4422 7733


  • RF stimulators from handheld, case portable to full laboratory multi rack systems
  • Complete 100 MHz to 40 GHz coverage
  • Frequency resolution 250 KHz or better
  • Multiple RF source configurations
  • Fast-tuning internal FLO DTO, FLO or synthesizer
  • External fast or slow (GPIB) synthesizer

  • Modular banded operation
  • AOA (amplitude), phase or DTOA DF options
  • Independent patterns in every port
  • Up to 4096 complex emitters per scenario
  • Modular architecture
  • Real-time geometry and path loss calculations
  • Scan amplitude
  • Unrestricted agility on each emitter
  • 10 ns step AMOP, PMOP, FMOP

  • Simultaneous FMOP, PMOP or AMOP
  • Scan-to-pulse train synchronization
  • Pulse density in excess of 0.8 Mpps per RF source


EW Simulation, RF Stimulation, Radar Target Generation, EA Simulation

Key Customers

Australian Defence

Key Partners


Quality Approvals/Awards

ISO9001:2009 Defence Recognised Supplier Defence Recognised Supplier Strategic