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Calytrix Technologies

Contact Details

Calytrix Technologies Pty Ltd
Contact: Shawn Parr
Phone: +61 8 9325 5600


Calytrix EON has been developed to provide a multi-user suite of tools which support the planning, execution and measurement of collective training events. Following the philosophy of ‘train as you will operate’ EON allows the same tools to be used in support of live operations over a distributed network.


  • News and Spot Reports, Email
  • Shared documents
  • Knowledge base
  • Collaborative document editing
  • Forums and chat rooms

EON Globe

  • 3D visualization of the World
  • Draw and share overlays
  • Add information pins
  • Population queries
  • Tracking via PDAs


  • Complete tool set
  • Fully distributed – including Globe content
  • Works in connected and disconnected (with synchronisation) modes
  • Supports open standards including UML, DIS and HLA
  • Full training management system

Key Customers

  • System was developed with the United Nations World Food Programme
  • Supported Four country level and one inter-agency event in Asia