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Adacel Technologies Limited

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Adacel Technologies Limited
Contact: George Watts
Phone: +61 3 8530 7776


MaxSim ATC simulators produce better grades in less time. They create consistent, job-like reality that generates the immersive environments necessary for students to acquire and retain new skills at a much faster pace.

Students graduating from programs using MaxSim simulators demonstrate the confidence and maturity normally seen only in more experienced controllers. MaxSim is fully scalable from single seat desktop trainers to integrated tower and radar multi-seat, gate-to-gate systems.

Combinations of these simulators along with Adacel’s laptop based ICAO Level 4 English proficiency tool can be configured to produce a training suite that makes the best possible use of instructor and simulator time.

Capable of true direct voice input, the ultimate in system automation, MaxSim is built on a layer of intelligent behaviour that automatically reacts to voice commands without manual input.

Whether the user chooses to operate MaxSim by speech recognition, pseudo pilots, or in combination, the automated behavior improves performance in all cases resulting in reduced instructor workload and better standardization of scenario content, evolving environmental conditions, event timings, and aircraft and vehicle performance.

MaxSim provides the perfect means to evaluate and train students in the demanding air traffic control environment resulting in consistent training outcomes and without risk to safety.


  • Speech automation of ATC simulation
    • Significant reduction in cost of ownership
    • Improved consistency of training outcomes
  • 24/7/365 customer support capability
    • telephone, email and web-based support
    • 40 staff engaged in global customer support

Key Customers

  • USAF – 85 tower simulators with fully automated pseudo-pilot positions
  • US FAA – 51 tower simulators under IDIQ contract
  • ENAV (Italy) – 38 ATC simulator systems delivered to date
  • 186 ATC simulator systems delivered to US National Airspace System training organisations
  • 200+ ATC simulators systems delivered outside US including:
    • five systems to Airservices Australia
    • nine systems to RAAF SATC

Key Partners

  • Adacel Inc. (Montreal, Canada)
  • Adacel Systems Inc. (Orlando, FL)

Quality Approvals/Awards

  • ISO 9001:2000
  • CMMI Level 3
  • Best simulator provider – Air Traffic Management 2007
  • Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering Product Innovation Award 2003