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Boeing Defence Australia

Contact Details

Boeing Defence Australia
Contact: Mark Brownsey
Address: Army Aviation Training Centre, Hangar C1, Orrs Road, Oakey Queensland 4401
Phone: +61 7 4577 7600


Boeing Defence Australia enables reach-back to The Boeing Company’s Training Systems and Services (TSS) division.

TSS capabilities are found in the design and development of more than 350 trainers for 24 different aircraft and encompass fully integrated training solutions, as well as comprehensive services. Its fixed-wing and rotorcraft training products include:

  • CH-47D Maintenance Trainer
  • International Apache Training Systems
  • UK Apache AH Mk1 Training System
  • F-15 C/E Training Systems

  • F-15 C/E, F-16 Mission Training Centre
  • F/A-18 Training System
  • T-38 Training System
  • C-17 Training System
  • F-16C Trainers
  • US Army Apache Longbow Training
  • Commercial Apache Longbow Training System
  • F/A-18, Apache Longbow, and MV-22 Instructional Media
  • USAF AETC & ACC Pilot Training Instruction
  • F/A-18 Aircrew and Maintenance Instruction
  • US Navy EA-6B Integrated Avionics Trainer

  • MV-22 and CV-22 Training Systems
  • F-22 Training System
  • T-45 Undergraduate Military Flight Officer training

TSS specialises in the development, production and integration of:

  • high-fidelity cockpits
  • visual systems
  • instructor operating stations
  • mission rehearsal systems
  • detailed software
  • instructional system design courseware for aircrew and maintenance training


  • TSS has over 30 years of experience in the delivery of aircrew and maintenance training devices
  • TSS is dedicated to providing customer-focused solutions that begin with a full analysis of needs and end in a cost-effective, tailored package of systems, services and support
  • TSS is committed to providing innovative life-cycle customer support solutions focused on reducing total ownership costs while maximising readiness and performance.

Key Customers

  • U.S. and international military customers worldwide