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Contact Details

Contact: Troy Stephen
Address: 274 Victoria Road, Rydalmere NSW 2116
Phone: +61 2 8895 2639


Our capability includes design, build, operation and support for fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, land vehicles and naval platforms, with simulation of associated sensors, weaponry and other systems embedded within an increasingly complex operational environment.

Land Forces Training Product Portfolio includes:

  • Armoured vehicle gunnery and driving simulators, teaching students to progress from ab-initio to advanced tactical skills
  • Large scale, networked simulation systems capable of simultaneous training of several hundred trainees,  up to company level, with a range of armoured and support vehicles
  • A Reconfigurable system to train commanders of mechanised infantry and armoured units tactical decision making

  • A combined arms tactical training system, capable of training decision making skills for combined arms teams, including infantry, armoured, and aviation assets amongst others

Helicopter Training Product Portfolio includes:

  • Full mission simulators, flight and navigation procedure trainers, cockpit procedures trainers, and computer-based training
  • A comprehensive range covering every helicopter synthetic training requirement from ab-initio to type conversion, recurrent training and mission training
  • A cost effective and efficient training system for the acquisition of tactical skills and the application of tactical decision making

Fast Jet Training Product Portfolio includes:

  • Full mission simulators for all levels of training. covering all aspects of aircraft handling, including instrument flying, low-level missions, air-to-air combat and air-to-air refuelling.

Military Transport & Sensor Aircraft Training Portfolio includes:

  • Products built on the proven capability of civil flight simulator technology, adapted to military transport & sensor aircrew training
  • Simulation of sensor aircraft, eg Maritime Patrol Aircraft, is characterised by the Thales capability to provide aircrew training at both system level and team level with consistency and realism

Key Customers

Thales delivered and provides full maintenance and engineering support for the following simulators:

  • Wedgetail AEW&C Operational Flight Trainer
  • Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter – Full Flight & Mission Simulator for Pilot and Battle Captain
  • ASLAV Crew Procedures Trainer – fully containerized Turret simulator (18 devices)
  • Collins Submarine Platform Simulator