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Boeing Defence Australia

F-15E Mission Training Simulator in Bldg 101A

Contact Details

Boeing Defence Australia
Contact: Mark Brownsey
Address: Army Aviation Training Centre, Hangar C1, Orrs Road, Oakey Queensland 4401
Phone: +61 7 4577 7600


Boeing Defence Australia enables reach-back to The Boeing Company’s Training Systems and Services (TSS) division.  TSS has developed mission planning solutions for platforms that include weapons, bombers, fighters and unmanned vehicles.

TSS experience counts:

  • Nearly 25 years providing mission solutions for the F/A-18, the U.S. Navy’s lead platform for integrating new mission capabilities
  • More than 20 years as prime contractor for mission planning systems for all domestic F-15 aircraft and many international F-15 variants
  • More than 25 years successfully providing aircraft flight planning for commercial planes
  • More than 30 years successfully deploying mission planning systems for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile
  • More than 15 years successfully developing and delivering B-2 mission planning hardware, software, training and site support
  • More than 10 years developing and supporting the Joint Mission Planning System Framework

Key Customers

  • U.S. and international military customers worldwide