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Saab Systems

Contact Details

Saab Systems
Contact: Gerard Ogden
Phone: +61 2 6267 0200
Fax: +61 2 6267 0220


  • Engagement planning and decision support systems:
    • In-Flight Missile Model (IFMM) used during engagement
  • Pseudo 5DOF aerodynamic fly-out model
  • Support to ESSM engagement
  • Advanced Tactical Environment Simulation
  • Battletek Mission Rehearsal and War gaming System:
    • Practicing and testing of tactical plans, decision making and resource allocation skills
    • statistical mode for aggregated entities
  • SimTek Disaster Management System:
    • Provides the tools to test and practice emergency plans and to improve the decision-making performance of disaster and incident management personnel
    • Allows for actual command and control, training and analysis of emergency plans for a variety of different systems and organizations

Key Customers

  • Australian Department of Defence
  • Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Republic of South Africa
  • United Kingdom Ministry of Defence