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Contact Details

Contact: Troy Stephen
Address: 274 Victoria Road, Rydalmere NSW 2116
Phone: +61 2 8895 2639


Ground Mission Management System (GMMS)

  • Thales Australia‚Äôs Ground Mission Management System (GMMS) was developed by Thales Australia.
  • GMMS is a multi-mission, multi-aircraft planning system which is scalable from a single laptop PC to a large HQ installation.
  • GMMS features 3D picture management and supports the full mission cycle, from planning, rehearsal, and mission monitoring to post-flight analysis and debrief, with the airborne variant enabling in-flight re-planning.

GMMS Key Features

  • Provides mission management at all steps of the mission, increasing crew efficiency
  • Real-time mission management providing effective support to decrease crew workload
  • Increase crew safety by improving situational awareness; coalition interoperability
  • Integrated planning and execution via tactical data link