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Calytrix Technologies

Contact Details

Calytrix Technologies Pty Ltd
Contact: Shawn Parr
Phone: +61 8 9325 5600


Calytrix LVC Game is a bidirectional middleware layer that interconnects serious games and other third party applications to DIS/HLA and C2 military systems.

Currently supports

  • Virtual Battlespace (VBS) from Bohemia Interactive
  • Steel Beasts from eSIM Games
  • X-Plane by Laminar Research
  • GenesisRTX from Diamond Visonics, etc.
  • Connecting to JSAF, OneSAF, JCATS, etc.


  • DIS / HLA 1.3, 1516, 1516e versions
  • FOM Agile framework
  • Full SDK and partner development program

Full Bi-Directional Integration

  • Movement, Weapon Fire and Detonation
  • Damage, Entities, Minefields
  • Designation, etc.

Cost Counter

  • Accurately measure the cost of your simulation in real time
  • Support multiple costing models


  • Proven technology
  • Advanced features including data filtering
  • Supports multiple standards
  • Web based GUI
  • Full API and Software Developers Kit available
  • High performance

Key Customers

  • Australian Defence Force
  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • New Zealand Defence Force
  • UK MoD
  • US Army
  • US Marine Corps