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EHM Solutions

Contact Details

EHM Solutions
Contact: Roy Park
Address: 11 Joyce Street, Elwood Victoria 3184
Phone: +61 409 463 108
Fax: +61 3 9589 1304


  • Professional driver simulators for cars and trucks for driver training, R&D, vehicle familiarisation & high-end sports entertainment
  • Specification and development of optimum driver simulators to suit customer requirements
  • Standard and custom simulators
  • Customising for cabs/full vehicle, vision, audio and controls
  • Driver and/or hardware in the loop simulation
  • Seat belt tensioners
  • Fully compatible with Matlab/Simulink & seamless integration of simulation models through CarSim and VeDYNA
  • State-of-the-art professional image generation offering significantly reduced motion blur as well as real-time CG shadowing and environmental mapping


  • Combining specialist knowledge of Simulation with Vehicle Dynamics modelling
  • COTS based designs for lowest cost of ownership Standard and fully customised options
  • 6DOF motion with near 100% force controlled steering to maximise realism. Additional 7th axis for large surge or sway movements
  • Vehicle characteristics modelled and parameterised including chassis, sheelbase, tyres, suspension, drive train, aero loading/draft, steering, brakes and driver aids

Key Customers

Wirth Research, Swift Engineering, Loughborough University, University of  Hertfordshire, Daimler,  Automotive OEMs and primes, Formula Racing and component suppliers

Key Partners

Cruden –  the world’s leading designer & manufacturer of interactive, motion-based driver simulators. Providing “next-generation” vehicle simulation for driver research, vehicle development & high-end sports entertainment