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Contact Details

Contact: Anita Byrnes
Address: 3/83 Birriga Rd, Bellevue Hill NSW 2023
Phone: +61 2 9130 1448


FORUM8 Drive Simulators utilise the interactive 3D visual attributes of VR-Design Studio (formerly, UC-win/Road) and permit driving scenarios created with the software to be experienced with complete control. Forum8 Drive Simulators are widely used for vehicle system development and research by engineers, behavioural scientists, vehicle manufacturers, transport planners and many more users all over the world.
Simulators provided under the Forum8 brand range from low-cost desktop gaming systems through to multi-million dollar custom builds. However many users have opted for our Compact Research Simulators, based on a medium-sized car built from real car parts. Latterly low-cost motion platforms are also available.


  • Real car parts provide realistic feel
  • Multiple screens or projection systems for wider driver view
  • 3D stereoscopic displays supported
  • Incorporated vehicle dynamics models
  • Create driving scenarios with simple tools
  • Eco-Drive logging and analysis
  • Driver training and assessment functions


  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Cost-effective
  • Space efficient
  • Realistic driving environment
  • Customisable to suit your needs


  • 6 DOF/8 DOF/3 DOF motion platforms and control software
  • Passive/active steering wheel
  • Various screen/projection options
  • Support any drive simulator via SDK
  • Links to CarSim/TruckSim vehicle dynamics software
  • Right or left-hand drive
  • VR headsets – Oculus and HTC Vive


Forum8 is a leading software company and hardware integrator headquartered in Japan, with subsidiaries and partners around the world. Forum8 AU was founded in 2010 to develop the Australian business. For details see:

  • BBoth mass-produced and custom-built simulators at various price points, ranging from simple steering wheel kits through to motion platforms and custom-built multi-million dollar units.
  • VR-Drive: A special Drive Simulator designed to be used to help educate young drivers in driving best practice through the use of low cost steering hardware coupled with Forum8 virtual model and scenarios.
  • Driver training and assessment module: log, assess and review driver performance and store results
  • Railway simulator and ship handling simulator development experience

Key Customers

University Research laboratories (human factors, road safety, engineering, ITS) – Curtin, Swinburne, Macquarie, ANU, RMIT, Deakin, UNSW, Wollongong, CQU etc.
Driver training, hazard awareness, ITS – QUBE Ports, Boystown, NSW Centre for Road Safety
Rehabilitation – occupational therapy driver assessment and training – Fiona Stanley Hospital

Key Partners

Subaru; Toyota; Innosimulation; Ausimtech (D-Box); BMIA
Forum8 AU is a member of the Commonwealth Government’s Simulation Support Panel, Simulation Australasia, AITPM, etc./p>