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Raytheon Australia

Contact Details

Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd
Contact: Frederick Hardtke
Address: C5 Talavera Rd, Macqaurie Park NSW 2133
Phone: +61 2 8870 6702
Fax: +61 2 8870 6599


Raytheon Company’s ‘Enterprise Modelling and Simulation’ (EMS): Recognised as the cornerstone Modelling and Simulation (M&S) capability delivered by Raytheon Australia, EMS is:

  • A critical enabling technology used to predict and compare system designs to improve, validate and reduce technical, cost and schedule risk;
  • A Raytheon-developed capability enabling users to visualise, link together and analyse the output of multiple simulations and tools; and
  • A capability that helps mission and systems solution providers throughout Raytheon to achieve their M&S objectives more efficiently through standardisation, configuration and reuse.


  • Embedded modelling, analysis and decision support for projects such as the Air Warfare Destroyer; and
  • Collaborative research and development activities between Raytheon’s global businesses using modelling and decision support tools.


Drawing upon a systems engineering approach, Raytheon Australia uses modelling and simulation as a key enabling tool to deliver optimal solutions to Defence customers. As an industry leader, Raytheon Company has developed many of the highest-fidelity models and simulations used in Defence and intelligence systems.

The EMS Enabling Technology initiative integrates and provides access to selected models and simulations of the highest validity within the enterprise to virtually realise a future integrated battlespace.

Key Customers

  • Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)
  • Royal Australian Navy (RAN)
  • Australian Army (Army)

Quality Approvals/Awards

  • Registered Training Organisation;
  • ISO9001:2000 accredited Training Management System
  • CMMI level 3 Accreditation across the whole of Raytheon Australia.