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EHM Solutions

Contact Details

EHM Solutions
Contact: Roy Park
Address: 11 Joyce Street, Elwood Victoria 3184
Phone: +61 409 463 108
Fax: +61 3 9589 1304


  • High-fidelity motion cueing systems for simulation and training devices
  • Electric Motion Platforms & Control Loading for cars, trucks, trains,  military vehicles, turrets, RWS, tanks, boats/ships, submarines, FTDs and flight simulators
  • Standard Motion Platforms with 3, 5, 6 DOF and custom from 1-7 DOF
  • Typical payloads 1000, 1500, 1800, 3000, 4500kg.
  • Motion Platforms for R&D in applications such as human factors, disorientation, fluid dynamics and system stabilisation
  • Electric Direct Drive Control Loading Actuators for vehicle steering & professional simulation systems
  • G-Seat shaker and seat actuator systems
  • Common software across all motion and force systems


  • Specialist knowledge of electric and hydraulic actuation technologies as are currently applied to training and simulation systems
  • Commissioning and aftermarket support services including in-situ control loading calibration
  • Higher performance at lower cost of ownership – by capitalising on COTS components, optimised production design, latest technologies, embedded testing and reporting, web-based troubleshooting
  • Low power consumption
  • Customisation when necesssary

Key Partners

e2M Technologies – brings more than 15 years of experience for“Next Generation” motion simulation:

  • Latest hardware and software innovations to improve capability
  • COTS based designs  for lower purchase & maintenance costs – lowest cost in our “class”
  • Lower cost of ownership

Quality Approvals/Awards

Quality control – E2M Technologies B.V. is in the process of preparation for ISO 9001 certification. The working methods are currently according to the standard and we are open to auditing.

CE/UL Compliance – The e2M motion and force systems are designed and manufactured in compliance with CE directives:

  • machinery directive
  • low voltage directive
  • emc directive

following the applicable (EN) standards.