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Calytrix Technologies

Contact Details

Calytrix Technologies Pty Ltd
Contact: Shawn Parr
Phone: +61 8 9325 5600


Cross Platform

  • Windows and Linux, any number of radio nets
  • VBS2 on-screen display support

Advanced features

  • VOX, Left and Right ear support, effects etc

Configurable Audio & Networking

  • Speech sampling & playback fidelity, Multicast/Broadcast, Full-/Half-Duplex, and audio data compression
  • DIS & HLA support

Live Radio Integration

  • Connect live radios into your simulation network

Playback Sessions (CNR-Logger)

  • Use any external DIS PDU logger

Touch Screen Support (CNR-Touch)

  • Touch-screen interface with multiple radio support

Full API (CNR-Sim Professional)

  • Full API to allow integration with third-part systems

Manage your network (CNR-Monitor)

  • List and manage all radios on your network
  • Remotely switch radios on/off and add sound degradation effects


  • Low cost software only solution
  • Cross platform, including Live radio integration
  • Full API access to CNR-Sim and CNR-Log
  • Logging and replay capabilities
  • Supports Touch-Screens
  • Sound effects to reproduce radios
  • Full integrated with VBS2
  • Touch Screen Support

Key Customers

  • Australian Defence Force
  • US Army
  • Boeing